French courses online

Our approach – interactive online learning

  • Our teaching method is unique and quite distinctive to The Interart French Academy of Pellerin. We focus on the conversational aspects of the complex grammatical structures and their rapid acquisition through role-plays, debates and discussions. For beginners accent is placed on simple language structures, allowing for faster immersion in the language and natural entry into more complex syntactic sentences.
  • Words are corrected and spelled during the lesson ! 
  • During the online lessons, we broadcast to our students videos about French culture and Art History and afterwards we discuss it together. We analyze paintings and various works of art as if you were in the Louvre or Musée d’Orsay in France.
  • Our incredible range of specialized courses in French is based on our rich experience gained with professionals from international companies who have trained with us in Paris. We have many years of practice with students from different professions - doctors, commercial directors, pharmacists, art students, computer scientists, engineers, lawyers, diplomats, artists, philologists, designers. The variety of specialized needs required a native speaking teacher with special competence in different fields and the adoption of teaching methods tailored to the needs of each student.
  • Your lessons will be carefully designed. Each student has specific requirements and style of learning. We adjust the lessons individually to let you learn your way and have success at the end.



French courses - online

Your chance to gain confidence and become fluent in French

Would you like to learn French quickly ?

Join our one-to-one virtual e-lessons!

  • Our incredible range of specialized French courses is based on our experience gained with professionals from international companies who have trained with us in Paris.


The advantages of our online courses

  • Online learning is a privilege and gives the opportunity to learn in convenience from your home or office saving you time and money.
  • We offer private French lessons online via Skype or Zoom at your convenience. This is an exceptional opportunity - you may devote a moment of your time to French language and culture even if you are on the other side of the world.
  • Accuracy and correctness to our clients is of primary concern for us !
  • Our online lessons are well structured. The learning material is presented in a way to maximize your benefit by explanations and themes tailor-made and based on your needs, grammar and vocabulary related to the specific domain of your field.
  • We focus on the language skills you need to develop, especially conversations on topics of your choice, listening comprehension, writing comprehension, the use of complex grammar structures and writing skills – it all depends on you and your needs. 
  • Learning French means to approach the culture and various area of knowledge that could change your life, which makes it a rewarding and life-enriching experience.



How to take a French course online?

  • All you need is Internet access and a webcam (which is preferable to headphone).
  • Classes are conducted via Skype or Zoom. 
  • Right from the start a highly qualified teacher assesses your level according to the European Language Framework (CECR) and you share with us your language learning goals and needs accordingly.  
  • We tailor the training to your personal specific needs and aspirations.
  • We are flexible and we do our best to accommodate your schedule wherever you are in the world.
  • You choose the time zones in which you wish to take e-lessons, as well as the number of lessons you wish to take. The lessons you request are payable by bank transfer before the lesson starts.
  • We offer packages of 10hrs at a 10% discount.